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Create a New Article

Learn to create a new Article from scratch from within SparkLearn's CMS

What is an Article?

An article is the main type of content in SparkLearn. Articles can be formatted using headings, tables, lists, and more to convey information in a variety of ways. Multiple articles can be put together in a specific order to create a Course, and Articles and Courses can be combined into Journeys

              Video Tutorial

              Visual Guide

              1. Select Content from the menu on the left of the screenContent Menu-2
              2. Under Content, select Learning Objects 
              3. Select the Create New Article button to get started
              4. Add a Title and choose a Featured Image to represent your article
                Article-Title _Image
              5. Use the dropdown menu to add elements to the article's Body like images, videos, checklists, Tips, Quizzes, Flashcards, embedded content, and more
              6. Highlight a section of text and select the link icon, then start typing the title of existing content in the system to direct learners there
                1. Linking a glossary term will allow learners to tap and see its definition in context
              7. Write a Description or select the Generate Description button to have OpenAI summarize the content for you
              8. Add relevant Tags to help users find your article or select the Generate Tags button to have OpenAI recommend some for you
              9. Select the Topic you want the Article to fall under
              10. Choose Groups from the dropdown menu and select the Add to Group button
                1. If one or more groups are selected, only learners who belong to those groups will have access to the article
                2. If no groups are selected, all learners will have access to the article
              11. Under any added group(s), choose a Section from the dropdown menu or create a new one by entering a name that doesn't already exist in that group
              12. Choose the Difficulty level of your article
              13. Check Shows byline to add your byline to the article
              14. Choose your article's Completion Strategy (automatic/manual)
                1. Automatic – the article is marked as complete when the learner scrolls to the bottom of the page
                2. Manual – the article is marked as complete when the learner selects the Done button
                  Screen Shot 2023-09-28 at 11.55.31 AM
              15. Add Related Content to the article by
                1. Choosing from existing Quizzes, Flashcards, and Tips,
                2. Manually creating new ones
                3. Selecting Generate Tip/Quiz/Flashcard to have Open AI create a card based on the article's content
              16. Content Managers only: Select Scheduling Options in the settings section and select the Date and Time you want your article published on
              17. Owners only: Select Promotion Options and check Promoted and/or Sticky to increase the visibility of content to your learners
                1. Promoted – content appears in all users’ For You tab until they have completed it or the promotion is removed
                2. Sticky – content appears in the Trending tab on the learners' dashboard and at the top of group sections and tags
              18. Choose to Save as a draft/scheduled content, Publish now , Preview, or send your article for Review
                1. Save – saves changes and schedules for publishing if using Scheduling Options
                2. Publish – publishes article immediately; do NOT choose if using Scheduling Options
                3. Send for review – sends your article for review
                4. Preview – shows a preview of what your article will look like

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