Create a New Group

Learn what a Group is and how to create one to help organize your team

What is a Group?

A Group is a way to gather learners who should receive the same type of content. A company can break their employees into Groups based on teams, hierarchy within the organization, region, etc. Click Here to learn how to manage group members.

Content can be shared with Groups so that only those learners have access. In addition, courses can be assigned to specific Groups and given a due date.  Learn how to Add and Organize Content in Groups and Assign Courses.

Video Tutorial

    Visual Guide 

    1. Select Users and Groups from the menu on the left of the screenUsersAndGroups
    2. Under Users and Groups, select Groups
    3. Select the Create a New Group button to get started
      Groups Dash

    4. Add a Name for the Group
    5. Select Add Image to upload an image for the Group
    6. Add a Description for the Group
    7. Use the dropdown menu to choose the group's Visibility
      1. Public groups can be joined by any SparkLearn learner
      2. Private groups are only open to learners who are added by an owner or admin and are a good way to share exclusive information to specific members of your team
    8. Select Save to finish creating your new Group

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