Find and Join Groups

Personalize your recommendations by finding and joining Groups

What are Groups?

A Group is made up of learners with similar interests or training requirements. Your organization may create groups based on your job role, region, or level of experience. Joining Groups gives you access to content that is relevant or of interest to you.

You will be asked to choose a few groups when you first create an account, but you can join or leave groups at any time from your profile or the Groups screen (described below).

You may also be a part of private groups that your Content Manager has added you to. These groups can't be joined traditionally and usually contain content only specific learners need access to.

Visual Guide

  1. Tap Groups, in the bottom toolbar GroupsIcon
  2. View the groups you are a part of
  3. Tap on a group to view its content, organized by sections
    1. Tap on a piece of content to open it
    2. Tap View More to see more content in a section
    3. Tap Leave Group in the upper right corner to remove yourself from the group
  4. Tap Join More Groups to find other groups you might like
    1. Use the search bar to find a specific group
    2. Use the arrow to expand/collapse a group's description
    3. Tap to select the group(s) you want to join – groups that you currently belong to will be selected by default
    4. Re-tap a selected group to deselect it
    5. Select Save to confirm your choices

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