Edit Account Settings

Learn how to access and edit your account settings in the application or content management system

What are my Account Settings?

Your Account Settings allow you to customize your SparkLearn experience and edit your user information.

Account Settings are located in the Settings menu which can be found by selecting your profile image in the top right corner of the screen.

Account Settings includes the following sections:

  • Profile Picture
  • Name
  • Groups
  • Interests
  • Password
  • Email
  • Status
  • Roles
  • Locale Settings
  • Language Settings
  • Goals

Video Tutorial

Visual Guide

  1. Select the Profile icon at the top right corner
    1. If you do not upload a profile photo, a default avatar will be used as your Settings/Avatar icon
      App Settings Icon-1
  2. Select Account from the My Profile menu
    App Account
  3. Upload or edit your Picture
  4. Edit your Name
  5. Check the boxes beside Groups you want to be a part of
    AccountSettings 1
  6. Type your desired Interests in the text box or select an existing Interest from a dropdown menu that will appear as you type
    1. Type your desired interest in the Interests text box to add it
    2. Select an existing Interest from a dropdown menu that will appear as you type
    AccountSettings 2

  7. Enter your current Password to edit your Email or set a New Password
  8. Change your Status from either Active or Blocked
  9. Edit your Roles 
  10. Change your Locale Settings to your correct Time ZoneAccountSettings 3
  11. Change your Language Settings to  your preferred language
  12. Scroll and select Save once you are done making any changes to your account
    1. Select Cancel account to remove your account from SparkLearn
      Language Settings-1

* The Language Settings option may be unavailable if content is only available in one language.

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