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Create a New Flashcard

Learn what Flashcards are and how to create them

What is a Flashcard?

A Flashcard is a two-sided piece of content that typically contains a term or idea on one side and a definition or description on the other. Flashcards can also feature an image and can be related to articles.

Flashcards can stand alone or be related to a learning object in the learning object authoring environment. If a Flashcard is related to a learning object that has been added to a Course it will only be visible within that Course and will not display as a stand-alone element in the application.

        Video Tutorials

        Visual Guide

        1. Select Content from the menu on the left of the screen
          Content Menu-1
        2. Under Content, select Flashcards
        3. Select the Create New Flashcard button to get startedFlashcard Menu
        4. Select the Topic you want the Flashcard to fall under
        5. Add a Title for your Flashcard
        6. Add the text you want the learner to see on the Card Front
        7. Select the dropdown arrow to add an Image or more Text to the front of the cardFlashcardTop
        8. Add relevant Tags to help users find your Flashcard
        9. Add the text you want to be revealed on the Card Back
        10. Optionally, select the dropdown arrow to add an Image or more Text to the backFlashcard Middle
        11. Select Groups to share the content with
          1. If one or more groups is selected, only learners who belong to those groups will have access to the Flashcard
          2. If no groups are selected, all learners will have access to the Flashcard
        12. Choose the Difficulty level of your FlashcardFlashcard Bottom
        13. Owners only: Select Promotion Options and check Promoted and/or Sticky to increase the visibility of content to your learners 
          1. Promoted - content appears in all users’ For You tab until they have completed it or the promotion is removed
          2. Sticky - content appears in the Trending tab on the learners dashboard and at the top of the list when viewing a tag
        14. Check Published to publish the Flashcard
        15. Once you're finished, choose to Save or Preview the Flashcard


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