View the Glossary

Learn where to view the Glossary and find definitions for important terms

What is the Glossary?

The Glossary is a resource with definitions for terms you may need to know such as technical names, industry jargon, or acronyms. The full Glossary can be accessed from the dashboard of the app. You can also Search for individual terms to view their definition.

When linked in an article, glossary terms will have a dashed underline. Clicking on the term allows you to easily view the definition in context.

The Glossary feature is only available to Premium and Enterprise customers.

Visual Guide

  1. Navigate to the Glossary by scrolling to the bottom of your Dashboard and selecting the View Glossary button

  2. View the alphabetized list of terms in the system 

  3. Tap the Glossary term to read its definition


  4. Enter a glossary term in the search bar to find it quickly

  5. Or tap on a term with a dashed underline to see its definition in an article


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