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View Content Reports

Learn how to view reports on content in SparkLearn

What are Content Reports?

Content reports show the users who have interacted with. The reports are split into tables based on how the type of interaction. Users can be added or removed from a table by an Owner or Content Manager. Evaluators can view reports but are unable to make changes.

Content reports include:

  • Bookmarked –  A list of users who have bookmarked the content
  • Recommended – A list of users who have been recommended the content
  • Completed – A list of users who have completed the content
    • This report does not apply to Flashcards and Tips
  • Assigned – A list of users who have have been assigned the content
    • This report only applies to Courses and Journeys

Visual Guide

  1. Select the type of Collection or Content you want to view from the menu on the left of the screen
  2. Choose Report from the dropdown menu in the row of the item you want to evaluate

  3. Use the tabs to see the reports that apply to your chosen content  (listed above)
  4. Use the filters to narrow the results if you are looking for specific users


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