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Access the LRS and Veracity Resources

Learn what Veracity is and how to access the LRS

What is Veracity?

Veracity Learning is an xAPI-Conformant Learning Record Store (LRS) for storing and retrieving xAPI statements. SparkLearn has partnered with Veracity to provide you with an integrated LRS provider and a powerful learning analytics platform.

Access the LRS

Premium customers can contact support using the same email that was used to set up their account. Log in and finish setting up the LRS using the one-time code sent to that email.

Enterprise customers will automatically have access to the LRS. If you've forgotten your password, or are unable to access your LRS, contact support.

Note: the System Owner maintains the login credentials to Veracity for your company and can request additional Veracity users through SparkLearn support as needed.

Veracity Resources

Support resources can be found on the Veracity site at Veracity Learning LRS Users Manual or on the Veracity YouTube channel.


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