Use the App Dashboard

Learn how to navigate the SparkLearn app dashboard to easily access the content that matters to you

What is the Dashboard?

The dashboard helps you browse recommended content and provides fast access to your Groups, followed Tags, Bookmarks, the Glossary, and more. 

The dashboard is accessed at the bottom-left of the toolbar, represented by the house icon in the mobile application House_icon or by the logo in the top left corner of the desktop application.

Video Tutorial

Visual Guide

  1. View the Groups you are a part of by swiping left and right in the My Groups section
  2. If any content has been assigned to you, it will appear in the Assigned section along with assigned content you've already Completed
  3. Select one of the following tabs and swipe through recommended content
    1. For You – material based on your interests and groups
    2. New – content that has recently been added to SparkLearn
    3. Trending – content commonly viewed by other users

  4.  View the Tags you follow by swiping left and right in the Following section
  5. Browse articles you have bookmarked by swiping left and right in the Bookmarks section
  6. See articles you have viewed recently by swiping left and right in the Recently Viewed section
  7. Tap on a piece of content from any section to open and interact with it 
    1. Click Here to learn about the different ways you can interact with content 

  8. Scroll to the bottom of the dashboard to view the Glossary



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