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Upgrade Your SparkLearn Subscription

Learn how to upgrade your subscription plan and change the number of users in your plan

SparkLearn is available through three product plans so you can choose the right one for your business. You can easily change your subscription to our Essential and Premium plans following the steps below.

Essential can get you started on the path to delivering great learning for smaller companies and teams. Premium builds on that by adding great advanced features for businesses looking to grow their training initiatives and also supports teams of over 250 learners.

For larger organizations looking for a system that can serve a much larger business, we offer a customized and white labeled SparkLearn experience as an Enterprise offering. You can have your own private app with your company’s logo and name on the app, distribute your app either in the app stores (publicly or privately) or on your own platform and much more. It’s the best learning experience for your entire organization. Click here to speak with a sales representative. 

Visual Guide

  1. Select "Manage Your Subscription" from the menu at the bottom of the SparkLearn website 
  2. Enter your email and the one time password sent to that email address, then select Login
  3. In the Manage Subscriptions window, select the box with your subscription amount
  4. Select Change to choose another product plan
  5. Use the drop-down menu to choose from Essential or Premium, then select Update
  6. With the new product plan selected, use the Quantity drop down menu to select the number of users that best fits your needs
  7. Review your new monthly charge and select Update Subscription to confirm


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