SparkLearn® 3.7 Release Notes

December 2022


The SparkLearn® 3.7 release contains several updates and improvements to enhance the Content Manager's workflows and reporting capabilities.


  1. Advanced Theming with Custom CSS
    1. Tenant owners can now further customize the appearance of SparkLearn by adding custom CSS
  2. Improved Password Manager Support
    1. If you use a password manager to help you create and remember secure passwords, SparkLearn now provides hints to the password manager about how to store and autofill your SparkLearn account information
  3. Sync SSO Attributes with an xAPI Profile
    1. Customers with SSO can now optionally forward user attributes to the LRS for improved reporting capabilities
  4. XLIFF Localization Improvements
    1. Improves the process for exporting/importing XLIFF files for translating content
    2. Updated some missing localization fields for Content Managers 
    3. UI improvements when adding translated content to a course

Enhancements and Bug Fixes

Web App

  • Updates underlying frameworks and dependencies
  • Adds a check to prevent content managers or tenant owners from accidentally blocking themselves
  • Fixes an issue where public group titles could be visible to anonymous users (even when self-registration was disabled)
  • Adds the missing mail attribute to the SSO configuration screen
  • Allows custom profile fields to be used in group automation
  • Fixes an issue where the content counts on the dashboard would be incorrect if the content was in multiple groups
  • Fixes some missing localizations from the content manager interface
  • Minor UI improvements for learners when user-generated content is allowed
  • Fixes an issue where articles with checklists had poor performance
  • Allows YouTube shorts to be included in Learning Objects
  • Fixes synchronization between user profile groups and group membership
  • Adds a check to prevent content managers or tenant owners from accidentally blocking themselves

Mobile App

  • Performance improvements and bug fixes
  • Fixed an issue in which the app may crash while bookmarking an item
  • Added Password Saving and Autofill
  • Adjusted the colors of some elements to match the theme better

Known Issues & Limitations

Web App

  • The podcast report page incorrectly shows a "Complete" tab
  • Courses that have multiple flashcards may show a repeat card instead of the correct card
  • Bluetooth changes may cause the Android app to crash

Tips for Updating

To ensure that your application is kept up to date, make sure your iOS & Android auto-updates are turned on. We have provided links below to assist you with turning on this feature. There is no need to update the CMS, as that is done automatically. If you have a customized SparkLearn® instance and need help with anything, don’t hesitate to reach out to our Customer Support team.

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Android Phone Help

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