SparkLearn® 3.18 Release Notes

March 2024


The SparkLearn 3.18 release is a maintenance release with updates and bug fixes.

Enhancements and Bug Fixes

Web App

  • Allow content managers to customize labels for a blocked account
  • Improves security by updating how cryptographically secure values are generated
  • Resolves a reporting issue for document links within a packaged article
  • Resolves an issue where title sizes for cards did not correctly appear in the preview pane

Mobile App

  • Fixed an xAPI statement for viewing documents from packaged content

Known Issues / Limitations

Web App

  • Web application is not reporting "viewed" statements when viewing a PDF embedded in an article
  • Entity browser loses selection when changing pages
  • Resyncing agent profiles when there are thousands of users encounters 429 errors from the LRS
  • Learner is unable to view glossary definition if the term is included within an annotation

Mobile App

  • When a user navigates back to the dashboard and scrolls to the end of the Groups section, it  scrolls back to the beginning
  • Deleting notes from the Edit screen does not remove annotation from notes
  • Notes edit screen sometimes gets frozen open on Android if the delete button is pressed more than once
  • Navigation bar titles cannot be seen on iOS when the text color is set to a light color



Tips for Updating

To ensure that your application is kept up to date, make sure your iOS & Android auto-updates are turned on. We have provided links below to assist you with turning on this feature. There is no need to update the CMS, as that is done automatically. If you have a customized SparkLearn instance and need help with anything, don’t hesitate to reach out to our Customer Support team.

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Android Phone Help

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