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Set Up OpenSesame Configuration

Learn how to connect your OpenSesame account so you can add content from their library of 30,000+ courses directly into SparkLearn

What is OpenSesame?

OpenSesame is an e-learning provider with a comprehensive catalog of courses from the world’s top publishers. Their content covers a wide range of topics such as compliance, DEI, retail, safety, finance, and more. Customers can deliver OpenSesame courses in SparkLearn by configuring their OpenSesame account within the system. 

You will need to work with your OpenSesame Implementation Specialist to set up the connection between SparkLearn and OpenSesame. 

Note: OpenSesame content is not included in your purchase of SparkLearn and a separate OpenSesame account is required for configuration. Learn more.

Video Tutorial

Visual Guide

  1. Select System Information from the menu on the left of the screen 
  2. Under System Information, select OpenSesame Integration

  3. Enter your Customer Integration ID (provided by OpenSesame)
  4. Select the button to Download the IdP Metadata file and share that with your Implementation Specialist
  5. Upload the new metadata file from your Implementation Specialist (you can come back and do this later, if needed)

  6. Generate a Client ID and Client Secret; be sure to copy the secret value before saving the form as SparkLearn won’t be able to show you that value again
  7. Send your Client ID and Client Secret to your Implementation specialist
  8. Select Save to finish configuring your OpenSesame integration


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