Set a Reminder

Learn how to set Reminders to help you achieve your goals.

What is a Reminder?

A Reminder is a push notification sent to your device that encourages you to make progress towards achieving your goals. Click Here to learn about viewing and setting Goals

    Video Tutorial

    Visual Guide

    1. Tap Me, located at the bottom-right of the toolbar  Me_icon-1
    2. Tap the Goals tab at the top of the screen
    3. Tap the Set a Reminder button

    4. Tap the day(s) of the week you would like to receive a reminder
    5. Use the time picker to choose what time of day you want to receive a push notification
    6. Tap Save in the right corner of the window to set the new reminder

    7. If you do not want to set the reminder, you can exit this view by tapping Close in the left corner of the window
    8. When you receive the reminder, tap the notification to be sent to the Goals page

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