Send Manual Notifications

Learn how to manually send push notifications to specific users or groups

What are Manual Notifications?

A Manual Notification is a clickable pop-up message that appears on a user's mobile device alerting or reminding them about SparkLearn. Tapping the notification will bring the user to the SparkLearn home screen or directly to a piece of content if one was related.

If a user is set to get multiple push notifications at about the same time or previous notifications couldn't be delivered because their device was off or unreachable, only the latest push notification will be delivered.

    Video Tutorial

    Visual Guide

    1. Select Communications from the menu on the left of the screen
      Communication Tab
    2. Under Communications select Push Notifications
    3. Choose to send notification by User or by Group by selecting the appropriate button

      Push Notif Dash
    4. Search for a specific user or group by typing their name and selecting Apply
    5. Check the box(es) beside the users or groups you want to notify
    6. Select the Send Push Notification button
      Push Notif By User-1
    7. Add a Title for the Push Notification
    8. Write the Message of the Push Notification
    9. Use the dropdown menu to choose the Priority
      Send Notification-Top-1
    10. Set the Timing to Send Now or Schedule for later
    11. Select the Send Push Notification button
      Send Notification -Bottom
    12. Preview how the push notification will appear on the recipient's phone and of the related content
      Send Notification-Preview-1


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