Send Email Notifications

Learn how to send email notifications from the system to your users and groups

What are Email Notifications?

Email Notifications are a way to send notifications to your users via their email address. This is a great tool to reach users who may not use the mobile app or receive in-app notifications.

Email notifications can be viewed in the web interface and can link directly to SparkLearn content.

Visual Guide

  1. Select Communication from the menu on the left of the screen

  2. Under Communication, select Email
  3. Select the + Send new message button

  4. Search for users by name or email or, filter them by Group

  5. Check the boxes next to the users you want to email and select Compose

  6. Add a subject line and text to the body of the email

  7. Optionally, add a direct link to existing content by selecting the link icon
    1. Start entering a title in the URL to choose from your published content
    2. Select the desired content and Save

  8. Review your email and select Send

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