Notify Learners Following Related Tags

Learn about Tag Notifications and how to send them

What are Tag Notifications?

Tags are keywords that describe what a piece of content is about and links to a list of other content that shares that tag. Tags are represented by a # symbol followed by a keyword or phrase. Ex. #onboarding.

When tags are added to a learning object by the content manager they have the option to generate a user push notification. This is done while creating or editing an article by checking the notify learner following related tags checkbox. 

If a user is set to get multiple push notifications at about the same time or previous notifications couldn't be delivered because their device was off or unreachable, only the latest push notification will be delivered.

Learner Action

  • When a user clicks on a tag from any object, they are taken to a screen with other objects sharing that tag. A user can tap “follow” on the tag screen to be alerted when more content is created with that tag.

Admin Action

  • When a content admin creates an article, web link, eLearning package or document from that creation page, they can add tags to the object
  • At the bottom of the object creation form, there is a section to notify learners following the related tag. This is checked by default.

Once an article is published, this box is unchecked and will need to be manually checked to send additional push notifications about the updated object content.

  • An instant push notification is sent to the user when the object with their followed tag is published.
  • Push notifications are only triggered to users who have them set up on their device. A user's notification settings on their device may impact how these are displayed and seen. 
  • Tapping on the notification popup on your phone sends you to a screen with all content tagged with the followed tag. The newest content is listed first.


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