Moderate an Event

Learn how to moderate an event and access specific event details

What is an Event?

Events are in-application webinars/conferences held in a virtual meeting room. Content managers can schedule one-time or recurring events that learners can attend from anywhere. Events can be created to stand alone or they can be added into a Course. Once created, Events can be promoted within the application based on when it's scheduled.

Video Tutorial

Visual Guide

  1. Select the Event you want to moderate

  2. View the Event Details section which contains the event name, description, scheduled date and time
  3. For Apple users: Select Add to Calendar to add the event to your device's calendar
  4. Select the Join Room button to join the event
  5. Under the Manage Room section, select Open Moderation to open a new window for controlling users in the room
    1. Set the event to Group mode or Presenter mode with the toggle in the top right corner of the meeting room window 
      1. Group mode – Allows all participants to contribute and participate
      2. Presenter mode – Allows the moderator to assign microphone and camera control to a single user
    2. Under the Participants section, use the icons next to a user's name to turn their microphone or camera on/off or remove them from the event
    3. Use the red phone icon to end the eventIn the moderation window... 
  6. Set the Room Status 
    1. Unlocked – anyone with the meeting information can join the room at any time
    2. Locked – anyone currently in the room remains but people who try to join after the event has begun are locked out
  7. Use the Room URL to share the event details with non SparkLearn users who may need to join
    1. These users can join via the Vidyo native app with the Access Code
    2. Users who join by Room URL will not generate xAPI analytics for tracking purposes so SparkLearn users should use the Join Room feature to join the event

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