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Manage Your Payment Methods

Learn how to update your payment methods for SparkLearn

Your SparkLearn subscription will be billed monthly to your primary payment method. We recommend having a backup payment method in the system in case your primary method is unsuccessful.

If your payment method is invalid or we are unable to charge you, we will notify you so that you can update your billing details. Repeated failed attempts may put your account at risk of cancellation.

Visual Guide

  1. Select "Manage Your Subscription" from the menu at the bottom of the SparkLearn website
  2. Enter your email and the one time password sent to that email address, then select Login
  3. In the Manage Subscriptions window, select Payment Methods
  4. Select the Add New button to add a new payment method to your account
  5. Enter the billing information and select Add
  6. Choose to set this payment method as Primary or Backup and select Update or select Skip to forgo this step
  7. Select one of your existing payment methods to make updates
  8.  Select Remove Payment Method to delete that method from your account                                                                                                                          

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