Join an Event

Learn how to find and join an Event

What is an Event?

Events are in-application webinars/conferences held in a virtual meeting room. These can be one-time events or reoccurring. Events are only available on the desktop application at this time.

Video Tutorial

Visual Guide

  1. Browse the Dashboard or Search for an event in the desktop application
  2. Tap the title or featured image card to open an Event
  3. Read additional details and view the event Schedule
  4. For Apple users: Select Add to Calendar to add the event to your device's calendar
  5. When it is time for the event, select the Join Room button to attend
    1. You will be signed in using your SparkLearn credentials
  6. Adjust your inputs, such as camera and microphone, as needed before selecting the green phone icon to connect to the meeting room
  7. In the meeting room, use the dropdown menus on the left side of the window to turn your microphone or camera on/off or share your screen
    1. While another learner is in Presentation mode you may not be able to use your microphone or camera
    2. Moderators will have the ability to enable and disable your microphone and camera, if necessary
  8. Select the X icon in the top left to close the window and leave the event or select the red phone icon to leave the event

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