Find and Follow Content by Tags

Understand how to use Tags to find content and how to Follow tags to customize your recommendations


What are Tags?

Tags are keywords that describe what a piece of content is about and links to a list of other content that shares that tag.

Tags are represented by a # symbol followed by a keyword or phrase. Ex. #onboarding.

Video Tutorial

Visual Guide

  1. Tap a Tag located at the bottom of a piece of content on the dashboardTags bar-2
  2. Find tags you are following in the Following section on your dashboard


  3. Use the Search bar to find a specific piece of content that contains that Tag (you do not need to type the "#" symbol)

  4. Tap on a Tag to view all content containing that tag
  5. Follow or unfollow the selected hashtag by tapping the button in the upper rightFollowButton


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