Bookmark Content

Understand how to Bookmark content and where to find your Bookmarks

What is a Bookmark?

A Bookmark helps users mark content they would like to revisit. When you bookmark a piece of content, it will get saved to your personal Bookmarks page.  

You can bookmark the following content:

  • Learning Objects
  • Flashcards
  • Tips
  • Courses
Video Tutorial

Visual Guide – Bookmark Content

  1. Tap the empty Bookmark icon in the top-right corner of a cardUnBookmarked-3
  2. A card that has been bookmarked will be represented by a filled Bookmark icon
  3. You can undo a Bookmark by re-tapping on a filled bookmark iconBookmarked-2

Visual Guide – Find your Bookmarks

  1. Select Me, located at the bottom-right of the toolbar in the mobile application
    (the top of the page in the desktop experience)
  2. Select Bookmarks to view content that you have bookmarked
  3. Scroll the Bookmarked content and select the title to view the contentBookmarksTab-2

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