Earn and View Certificates

Understand how you can earn Certificates and where to view the ones you have already earned.

What is a Certificate?

A Certificate is an achievement awarded to learners for completing a specific Journey or Course. For a certificate to be awarded, all content within the Journey or Course must be marked complete. 

Video Tutorial

Visual Guide

  1. Complete a Journey or Course that includes a Certificate
  2. Receive an alert that you have earned a Certificate (either a push notification or banner inside the app)
    6_Certificates_Notification – 1 
  3. Tap Me, located at the bottom right of the toolbar  Me_icon-1

  4. Tap the Certificates tab
  5. Scroll through and view your earned certificates
  6. Tap on a certificate to be taken to its detail screen
    6_Certificates – 2-1
  7. View the certificate's date and title
  8. Optionally,  tap the download icon ExportIcon in the top right corner to download the certificate
    6_Certificates_detail – 1-1


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