Create an Account

How to create a SparkLearn account and connect with your team


Creating an account is only available for Enterprise users whose version of SparkLearn has this feature enabled. 

Video Tutorial

Visual Guide

  1. Swipe through the Welcome screens, then tap Get Started

  2. Enter your provided Team Name and tap the arrow to Continue
    Team Name-1
  3. Tap Create Account
    Create Account-1
  4. Enter your valid work email
  5. Choose a secure password and confirm it
  6. Add a profile picture (optional)
  7. Tap the arrow to Continue
    Create Account –2
  8. Choose Groups to be a part of by tapping their names
  9. Tap the arrow to Continue
    Create Account – 3
  10. Choose interests by tapping Topics that you want to explore
  11. Tap Create Your Account
    Create Account – 4

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