Earn and View Badges

Learn how to earn Badges and where to view the ones you have already earned

What is a Badge?

A Badge is an achievement awarded to learners for completing pieces of content, spending a certain amount of time in the app or using various features. 

The following is a sample of activities and Badges that can be earned for them:

  • Spending a certain amount of hours or minutes in the app
  • Spending a certain amount of consecutive days using the app
  • Completing a certain amount of articles 
  • Bookmarking a certain amount of content

Video Tutorial

Visual Guide

  1. Complete the criteria for earning one of the many Badges in SparkLearn
  2. Receive an alert that you have earned a Badge via a push notification or banner inside the app
  3. Tap on the alert or notification to open the Badges screen 

  4. Tap Me, located at the bottom right of the toolbar  Me_icon-1

  5. Tap the Badges tab
  6. Scroll through and view your earned badges
    6_Badges – 1-1
  7. Tap on a Badge to view its description
    6_Badges_Detail – 1

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