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Create Custom Analytics Reports with Veracity

Learn about custom analytics reports and how they are created

What is a Custom Analytics Report?

A Custom Analytics Report is a report that can be customized for specific topics, time periods or actors and can even have custom colors. If a customer is using Veracity as their default LRS, custom analytics can be built inside of Veracity using their proprietary query language (VQL). VQL allows for visual representation of xAPI statements.

Reports can be used with any tenant by creating a custom dashboard in the Veracity installation and adding an Advanced Graph Query widget. Once created they can be embedded within SparkLearn or shared via a link. 

Consult with your Account Manager to start creating a custom report with us or for any additional questions. 

Below are example analytics reports that can be created:

  • Course Completions: shows up to ten courses and the number of completions; shown in descending order by number of completions.
  • Most Missed Questions: shows the top ten most missed questions. This can help highlight if there is missing content or inaccurate questions. 
  • Completions from Top Learners: shows the content that is most often completed by learners who have the highest average success rate at answering questions correctly.

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