Create User Generated Content

Learn how to create a new article and submit it for publication as a learner

What is User Generated Content?

User Generated Content is content that has been created by a learner rather than a content manager. Learners have the ability to create articles and submit them for review. Content managers review the articles and approve them for publication. 

User Generated Content can only be created from the Desktop application at this time.

The Review Process

  • Learners will receive an email notification when their article changes status
  • Approved content will be Published
  • Content requiring revisions will be returned to Draft
  • If the reviewer has left feedback, it can be found in the email notification or the content's revision log

This article refers to user generated content. To learn how to create a new article in the content management system click here.

Video Tutorial

Visual Guide

  1. Select Me from the navigation menu at the top of the desktop application
    Me - dekstop app
  2. Select the Create tab
  3. Select the Create New Article button to get started
    Me - Create tab
  4. Select the Topic you want the Article to fall under
    1. Only groups assigned to this Topic will be able to see its contents
  5. Choose a Featured Image to represent your article
  6. Add a Title and Description
  7. Add relevant Tags to help users find your article
  8. Use the Add to dropdown menu to add content to the article's body such as text, images, numbered and bulleted lists, tables, callouts, references, videos and more
  9. Check Shows byline to add your byline to the article
  10. Choose to Save as a draft, Send for review or Preview 

  11. If your article is approved by the content manager, you will receive an email that it has been published
  12. If the article is not approved by the content manager, you will receive an email that it has been returned to draft – view the revision log to check for notes and feedback 
    Revision Log

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