Create a New Journey

Learn what Journeys are, when to use them, and how to create them.

What is a Journey?

Much like a Course, a Journey is a collection of content organized together to provide structure to learning. What makes Journeys different is that they can contain Courses in addition to learning objects, tips, flashcards, and quizzes. Content managers can assign journeys to groups and set a completion due date.

Flashcards and tips do not have a "complete" condition, so the length of a journey and whether or not it has been completed is based on the number of Courses, learning objects, and quizzes only.  

When to use a Journey vs. a Course?

Journeys should be used to create a more extensive collection of content that includes one or more Courses. Simply put, when you want a Course within a Course. 

Journeys provide another way for you to place content in a specified order. Learners can follow the flow set up by the Content Manager or navigate on their own.

A Course is intended to cover a single subject and allows content authors to add tests to check the learner's understanding of that subject. A Journey enables content managers to combine multiple courses to create an entire curriculum covering multiple subjects.

Visual Guide

  1. Select Collections from the menu on the left of the screen
    Collections Menu – 1-1
  2. Under Collections, select Journeys
  3. Select the Create New Journey button to get started
  4. Use the dropdown menu to choose the Language 
  5. Add a Title
  6. Choose a Featured Image to represent the journey
  7. Add a Description 
  8. Select the Add Content button to add content to your Journey
    1. Choose existing content by checking the boxes next to the content you want to include and then select Add Content
    2. Create new content for your Journey by choosing the type of content from the menu on the left (Courses, Learning Objects, Tips, Flashcards, Quizzes, and more)
  9. Re-order content within the Journey by selecting and dragging the cards in the order you want them to appear
  10. Add relevant Tags to help users find your journey
  11. Check the Award Certificate box to give learners a certificate for completing the Journey
  12. Use the dropdown menu to choose the Topic for the journey
  13. Choose Groups from the dropdown menu and select the Add to Group button
    1. If one or more groups are selected, only learners who belong to those groups will have access to the journey
    2. If no groups are selected, all learners will have access to the journey
  14. Check the Assigned box beneath an added Group to assign it to those users
    1. Set the Due Date the journey should be completed by
    2. Check the Notify learners of assignment box to notify group members
  15. Under any added group(s), choose a Section from the dropdown menu or create a new one by entering a name that doesn't already exist in that group
  16. Choose the Difficulty level of your journey
  17. Owners only: Select Promotion Options in the settings section and check Promoted and/or Sticky to increase the visibility of content to your learners
      1. Promoted - content appears in all users' For You tab until they have completed it or the promotion is removed
      2. Sticky - content appears in the Trending tab on the learners' dashboard and at the top of group sections and tag
  18. Check  Published to publish the journey now or leave unchecked to save as a draft or use scheduling options 
  19. Once you're finished, choose to Save or Preview the journey


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