Create a New Event

Learn to schedule a new Event from scratch within SparkLearn's CMS

What is an Event?

Events are in-application webinars/conferences held in a virtual meeting room. Content managers can schedule one-time or recurring events that learners can attend from anywhere. Events can be created to stand alone or they can be added into a Course. Once created, Events can be promoted within the application based on when it's scheduled.

Once it's been created, you can view a report of who has attended, completed, bookmarked, and been recommended the Event.

Video Tutorial

Visual Guide

  1. Select Content from the menu on the left of the screen
    Content Menu
  2. Under Content, select Events
  3. Select the Create New Event button to get started
  4. Select the Topic you want the Event to fall under
  5. Add a Title for the event
  6. Choose a Featured Image to represent your event
  7. Add a short Description and any Additional Details about the event
  8. Add relevant Tags to help users find your event
  9. Schedule your event by using the dropdown menu to choose how often your event will occur
    1. Once
    2. Multiple days
    3. Weekly – every week on a specified day(s)
    4. Fortnightly – every two weeks on a specified day(s)
    5. Monthly – every month on a specified day(s)
  10. Select the Start and End date (MM/DD/YYYY) and time (Hours:Minutes:Seconds) and the Time Zone
  11. If you selected Weekly, Fortnightly or Monthly in Step 9,  check the box beside the day(s) of the week you want your event to reoccur
  12. If you selected Weekly, Fortnightly or Monthly in Step 9, choose how long you want the event to reoccur
    1. Always – reoccurs indefinitely
    2. For a number of occurrences – reoccurs a specified amount of times
    3. Until date – reoccurs until the specified date
  13. Make sure the Virtual Meeting Room is Enabled
  14. Give the virtual meeting room a Room Name and check Display Room Name if you would like the name to be visible
  15. Set how learners will access the event by choosing a Room Appearance

  16. Select the Room Availability
    1. Always – learners can join the room whenever they want
    2. Room is Unlocked – learners can join when the room is unlocked
    3. Room Has Occupants – learners can only join the room when someone else is already in the room (i.e. a moderator)
  17.  Write a new Offline Message or use the default message
  18. Add Related Content by selecting the Select Content button
  19. Select Groups to share the Event with
    1. If one or more groups is selected, only learners who belong to those groups will have access to the event
    2. If no groups are selected, all learners will have access to the event
  20. Owners only: Select Promotion Options and check Promoted and/or Sticky to increase the visibility of content to your learners
    1. Promoted – content appears in all users’ For You tab until they have completed it or the promotion is removed
    2. Sticky – content appears in the Trending tab on the learners dashboard and at the top of the list when viewing a tag
  21. Check Published to publish the event
  22. Choose to Save or Preview 
  23. Select the Report tab and use the learner state tabs to view a list of users who have Attended, CompletedBookmarked, and been Recommended the event

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