Bulk Import Users

Learn how to add multiple users at once

What is Bulk Importing?

Bulk Importing  allows you to create multiple new users in SparkLearn at once by uploading a CSV file. You can import users with pre-assigned roles, groups, and topics etc. If a User's email is already in the system, they will be not be imported again. 

Essential and Premium customers have a limit to the number of users they can add. Click here if you have reached your user limit and wish to upgrade your subscription.

Video Tutorial

Visual Guide

  1. Select Users and Groups from the menu on the left of the screen
    Users and Groups
  2. Under Users and Groups, select Users
  3. Select Bulk Import to get startedUsersDash_BulkImport
  4. Download the CSV template
    Bulk Import - DownloadButton
  5. Add your own users to the CSV template and set their role(s), preferred language(s), groups etc.
    Bulk Import - Template-1
  6. Select Choose File to upload your CSV fileBulk Import - Download CSV-1
  7. Set the Default Role for new users
    1. Click here to learn about types of User Roles
  8. Select Import to complete the Bulk Import process
    Bulk Import - Uploaded-1

Note: The bulk import process does not send any notifications to the added users.


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