Add and Update Custom Goals

Learn how to add custom goals and update their completion

What are Custom Goals?

Custom goals are goals that you set and define for yourself for better self-directed learning. Progress and completion of your custom goals need to be manually updated by you. Your content manager will also have the ability to view and assign custom goals to you.

Examples of custom goals you can set:

  • Review flashcards daily
  • Complete a new course
  • Review bookmarked articles

SparkLearn also comes with four measured goals that can be useful for building good learning habits. Unlike custom goals, these goals automatically track and update based on specific activity the app.  

Video Tutorial

Visual Guide

  1. Tap Me, located at the bottom-right of the toolbar  Me_icon-1
  2. Tap the Goals tab at the top of the screen

  3. Scroll down to the My Custom Goals section and tap the Custom Goals button

  4. Tap the Add Custom Goal button at the top of the screen
  5. Type out your goal in the text box and tap the Save icon

  6. Tap the Edit icon beside a goal to make changes to the text
  7. Tap the Trash icon beside a goal to delete it without completing it

  8. If there are two or more goals, you can Drag to Re-Order them by checking the box, selecting an article and then dragging it above or below another
  9. Tap the check box to the left of a goal to mark it as done and remove it from the list



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